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Examining Tennessee's alimony laws - II

Last time, our blog discussed how even though most people have a general knowledge of what alimony is and how it works, they may nevertheless be lacking an understanding of some of its finer points.  

As such, we launched a series of posts dedicated to providing insight into how alimony really works here in Tennessee. We'll continue this discussion today by starting to explore one of the four types of alimony available to spouses: alimony in futuro.

Alimony in futuro

Also known as periodic alimony, this is a form of alimony that will need to be paid for a rather lengthy period of time or perhaps even in perpetuity so that a spouse can enjoy a standard of living comparable to that which they enjoyed during the course of their marriage.

Alimony in futuro is typically awarded in those situations where a couple was married for many years, and the chances of the spouse seeking maintenance being sufficiently rehabilitated -- i.e., able to return to the workforce -- are relatively slim.

Some very important points to keep in mind concerning alimony in futuro include:

  • Payments are to be made at regular intervals, but will be terminated upon the death of either spouse (unless otherwise specified) or the remarriage of the supported spouse.
  • Payments are subject to modification. For example, if the supported spouse starts living with someone else who supports them financially, payments may be modified.
  • Payments may be ordered in combination with other types of alimony.

We will continue this discussion in future posts, examining alimony in solido, transitional alimony and rehabilitative alimony.

Consider speaking with an experienced legal professional if you would like to learn more about alimony or any other divorce-related issue.

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