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Examining Tennessee's alimony laws - IV

Over the last three months, our blog has been attempting to provide further insight into the process by which alimony is awarded here in Tennessee. To that end, we've started discussing the four types of alimony that may be awarded by the courts to divorcing spouses, including alimony in futuro and alimony in solido.

In today's post, we'll take a look at the third type of spousal support frequently awarded by judges: transitional alimony.

While a complete discussion of all the ways in which the makeup of the typical American family has evolved over the last 50 years is clearly beyond the scope of a single blog post, a succinct point must be made about earning capacity.

Specifically, the days in which a family relied on a single breadwinner to make ends meet are largely over. Indeed, the husbands and wives in an overwhelming number of U.S. homes are now highly educated and employed, meaning both parties contribute to the household income.    

In recognition of this reality, transitional alimony is typically awarded by the courts as a means of providing otherwise self-sufficient spouses with a sort of temporary assistance until such time as they can adjust to the new financial realities of their divorce.

Some very important points to keep in mind concerning transitional alimony include:

  • Payments are for a set and short duration.
  • Payments may be terminated in the event of death.
  • Payments may be ordered in combination with other types of alimony.
  • Payments may not be modified absent the agreement of the spouses.

We'll conclude this discussion by taking a closer look at rehabilitative alimony.

Please consider speaking with an experienced legal professional if you have questions about any divorce-related issue here in Tennessee, including alimony.

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