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October 2015 Archives

Reality star Leah Messer could be facing new custody battle

Tennessee residents may know Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert from their appearances on the popular reality television show 'Teen Mom 2." The show deals with the challenges faced by young parents, and it details the difficulties that Messer has had to cope with as she tries to raise her children. Messer's personal problems led to her losing custody of her 2-year-old twins to her first husband Corey Simms in October 2015, and several media sources are speculating that Calvert, who is the father of 2-year-old Adalynn, is thinking about seeking full custody of his daughter due to concerns over the child's welfare.

New policy will let jailed fathers suspend child support payments

The Obama administration has announced a new program that will allow incarcerated fathers in Tennessee and nationwide to defer their child support payments while they serve out their prison terms. The policy has been met with criticism from those concerned with the rights of single mothers and their children.

Parental rights after pregnancy results from sexual assault

Many Tennessee women have experienced a sexual assault in their lives. One of the most difficult and traumatic repercussions of non-consensual sexual contact occurs when a pregnancy results from a rape. Statistics indicate that approximately one woman of three in such a situation will carry that child to term. Unfortunately, issues within the American legal system mean that, for many of these women, there are still more difficulties that they must face.

How does financial fraud affect a divorce?

During a divorce, sometimes it is suspected that one spouse is trying to hide assets from the other. Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, and thus judges will make their property division determinations on the basis of what they believe to be fair. When financial fraud occurs, it may appear to the court that there is less marital property than there really is, which can reduce the innocent spouse's share. Financial fraud is not typical, but when it occurs, a forensic accountant may be able to uncover the real financial picture.

Governor of Alabama's divorce finalized

The finalization of the governor of Alabama's divorce recently made headlines. While the divorce of a public figure is often a matter of curiosity to many people living in Tennessee, this one has also captured attention due to the length of the couple's marriage. Gov. Robert Bentley and his former wife Dianne were married for 50 years.

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