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Governor of Alabama's divorce finalized

The finalization of the governor of Alabama's divorce recently made headlines. While the divorce of a public figure is often a matter of curiosity to many people living in Tennessee, this one has also captured attention due to the length of the couple's marriage. Gov. Robert Bentley and his former wife Dianne were married for 50 years.

Despite the efforts of the couple to keep the records of their divorce secret, details emerged after news agencies sued to open the legal files in the case. Mrs. Bentley had filed for divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. While Gov. Bentley had been a dermatologist for most of his adult life, he entered politics after retiring and was elected governor in 2010. A statement by Mrs. Bentley indicated that the political life did not agree with her.

As expected, the divorce documents detailed the property division between the Bentleys. As is typical in many divorce cases, numerous assets had to be divided. This included things such as household furnishings, football tickets and personal effects such as jewelry. Gov. Bentley will retain property that belonged to his family while Mrs. Bentley will receive the deeds to two beach homes and half of Gov. Bentley's individual retirement account.

Regardless of their profiles, many couples who have been married for a long time find that they are no longer compatible and seek to end their union. One contentious aspect of such a breakup can be property division, as there may be a significant amount of marital assets that the couple has accumulated over the years and which may have sentimental value to one or both spouses. A person who is seeking the end of a marriage may want to have the assistance of a family law attorney in negotiating a comprehensive agreement that covers this and other applicable divorce legal issues.

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