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Celebrity child support payments

The flashy and extravagant lives celebrities seem to lead are sometimes exaggerated for publicity, but many actors and entertainers who are on the covers of magazines do make a lot of money. When these wealthy individuals have relationships that don't work out, they may have to pay large sums for child support. Tennessee residents may be interested to read about some of the following stars who have big child support payments.

Alimony a possibility in many divorces

Although each divorce in Tennessee will have different specific terms depending on individual situations, legal requirements dictate the general framework of most divorce agreements. Alimony, or spousal support, could be a factor in some divorces when income or the ability to earn income is largely unequal between the splitting partners.

Downsides of the court process in child custody cases

Many factors during a divorce can make it hard for people to think rationally rather than emotionally, and parents often get the idea that they need to have sole custody of a child or children. While parents in Tennessee and other states may think this is in the best interests of their children, this is often not the case. Parents who cannot agree on a custody agreement must go to court, and judges usually feel that having a relationship with both parents is in a child's best interests.

Rapper DMX's failure to pay child support results in arrest

The recent child support-related case involving the rapper known as DMX presents a scenario many Tennessee parents probably recognize. Earl Simmons, the legal name of DMX, is behind on making his court-ordered child support payments to his ex-wife on behalf of their four children.

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