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January 2016 Archives

Tennessee retirees who divorce face specific issues

Tennessee residents who are approaching retirement age may have unique financial issues when they file for divorce. Family law attorneys believe that these so-called gray divorces leave people in positions of lessened financial stability and could make it more difficult for them to regain their previous quality of life. For instance, problems like low cash flows may increase the burdens elder divorcees experience due to credit card bills, loans and similar debts.

Planning to prevent financial problems in divorces

Tennesseans who are wanting to get divorced in 2016 may want to take some proactive steps to protect their assets before they file. By getting a clear picture of all of the assets and income held by both spouses, people may avoid making mistakes in their division of property that could cost them.

Tax implications of property division

In addition to child custody and alimony issues that need to be resolved during a divorce settlement, Tennessee couples whose marriages are ending should also pay attention to tax issues. For instance, it may be necessary to determine who claims a child on a tax return. Legal fees and property transfer taxes may also need to be considered in any settlement.

Tips for avoiding arguments about the kids after divorce

Parents in Tennessee who share custody of their children will need to continue to communicate after a divorce. Succeeding at co-parenting requires perseverance. Negative emotions and hostile comments could easily erupt between ex-spouses when discussing their children, but focusing on the needs of the children should help alleviate arguments over time.

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