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February 2016 Archives

Military divorce rates higher after exiting service

Many Tennessee military members are also married. There is a perception that military couples are more likely to divorce than couples who are civilians. In order to test this theory, researchers from the Rand Corporation and the UCLA Department of Psychology looked at divorce data for both military families as well as civilians.

Tax implications for child support post-divorce

Tennessee parents who are considering or beginning divorce proceedings might wonder what the tax implications are for the change in marital status and for any financial support they receive from their ex-spouse. It is beneficial to understand how a divorce will impact tax filings before the negotiations for support have started.

Parent behavior in child custody battles

Tennessee parents who have divorced know that the end of a marriage can be stressful for children. While most parents are genuinely concerned about their kids, it's also true that a divorcing couple may not see eye to eye on custody issues. In situations where decisions about custody, visitation and child support are at issue, it's important that both parents monitor their own conduct.

Child support numbers are shocking

People in Tennessee may be interested in learning that a majority of custodial parents in the United States do not have any child support orders or arrangements in place. Many others who do have orders for child support do not receive the payments that their children's noncustodial parents are supposed to pay. This creates a huge problem as many custodial parents rely on the income from child support in order to provide a decent standard of living for their children.

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