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The effect on children of drawing out the divorce process

Tennessee parents whose marriages are coming to an end may not want to delay their divorces. While it's important to carefully consider how things will work following a separation, there is a value in adhering to plans that don't drag things out longer than necessary. In addition to being more healthy for the couple, these kinds of divorces are better for children.

Fathers often wary of the legal system

Divorced or separated fathers in Tennessee and around the country sometimes feel that the court system is stacked against them. Groups advocating on behalf of fathers say that accusations made by mothers during child custody or support proceedings often carry substantial weight even when the evidence is flimsy, but they warn that failing to respond to court papers or legal documents can have serious consequences.

Child support issues can complicate raising a child

Meeting the financial needs of a child can be difficult for Tennessee families when unemployment and other financial challenges strike. Those financial challenges can worsen when the parents of a child are divorced or separated. Raising a child can force the custodial parent to seek welfare assistance from the state, but a child support order can complicate things.

Sherri Shepherd loses final child support appeal

Early-morning network television watchers in Tennessee may be aware of the recent legal problems facing Sherri Shepherd, former co-host of "The View", in relation to her attempts to relinquish custody of her 1-year-old surrogate son with ex-husband Lamar Sally. Following a failure to obtain a second appeal with the highest court in her state, she will have to uphold her obligations of child support for the boy.

Financial needs during divorce proceedings

Many Tennessee couples going through divorce are so focused on finalizing the action that they may ignore important financial information in the process. Unfortunately, the long-term implications of a settlement may not be noticed until much later, at which point adjustments are unlikely or impossible. One of the most significant areas of consideration is taxes, but other matters, including one's credit history, could also come into play after the divorce decree has been issued.

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