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April 2016 Archives

Some divorced fathers struggle for time with children

Some divorced fathers in Tennessee may struggle to get the same rights as parents that mothers have. Even having joint legal custody is not necessarily a remedy against this. Often, the mother is still in charge of making plans around school events and doctors' appointments and may not share this information. One father was told by his ex-wife that even though he had explicitly been granted these rights, she did not have to tell him when these events occurred. A father may also feel as though his opinion is discredited in comparison to the mother's even when he is allowed to attend.

Dealing with international child abduction

A Tennessee parent whose ex-spouse has foreign ties might have concerns about the potential for an international abduction in the future. While some divorces and custody agreements are worked out without extreme contention, man situations are difficult because of parental conflicts. In a case that could lead to a potential abduction to another country, legal insight may be helpful for the concerned parent.

Divorced parents and summer plans with children

Tennessee parents who are divorced should start thinking in the spring about their summer plans with their children. They might actually have a provision in their parenting plan that gives them a deadline for sharing vacation plans with the other parent. However, even if they do not, being open with communication may set the stage for a smoother summer.

Military service and divorce

The end of a marriage is hard for anyone living in Tennessee, whether civilian or military. When a person is a member of the military, however, it may seem more likely that a divorce will happen. There are several reasons why the culture of the military itself may make this so.

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