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Divorced parents and summer plans with children

Tennessee parents who are divorced should start thinking in the spring about their summer plans with their children. They might actually have a provision in their parenting plan that gives them a deadline for sharing vacation plans with the other parent. However, even if they do not, being open with communication may set the stage for a smoother summer.

Summer often means a disruption in the normal routine with possible changes to custody, visitation and even child support. Children might be busier in the summer with extra activities. Parents may find it is easier to keep up with these changes using a calendar or a visitation app.

If disputes do arise, child support must still be paid in the ordered amount unless a parent goes to court to seek a modification. However, parents should try to be reasonable and communicate with one another. Attempting to negotiate is more desirable than turning to litigation or filing a police report for visitation interference. However, in some cases, it is necessary to take stronger measures such as these to reinforce prior agreements.

Unfortunately, working out details around child custody, support and visitation is rarely a one-time event. During a divorce, parents can sometimes lay the groundwork for future cooperation in regards to their children despite conflict in other areas. They might write out detailed parenting plans that include provisions for summers and how they might change as the children get older. In the years ahead, modifications can be written into the parenting plan as needed. However, there may be circumstances in which parents can only communicate through attorneys. At the beginning of a divorce, a parent might discuss their relationship with the other parent and their goals with the attorney. This discussion might lead to the attorney guiding the parent towards negotiations or litigation depending on the situation.

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