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Visitation problems common in child custody situations

Tennessee parents may finalize their divorces with clear parenting plans in place, but this does not guarantee that both parties will adhere to the terms as they resume their separate lives. There are several common problems that can be quite serious, ultimately posing a risk of returning to court or dealing with legal repercussions. To minimize these risks, it may be helpful to review one's responsibilities at the outset of following a parenting plan, especially if time sharing is involved.

One of the most important efforts a parent can make after child custody matters have been agreed upon is to affirm the child's sense of security while attempting to work with the other parent in as amiable a manner as possible. This can be difficult if there are bad feelings between the two adults in the situation. For the sake of the child, it is wise to keep one's feelings about the other parent to oneself.

Parents can impact a child's sense of well-being by avoiding their visitation dates. Failing to show up for a scheduled event could cause a sense of insecurity and uncertainty. Failing to carry out one's visitation responsibilities in one's own home could additionally lead to fractures in the parental relationship. This type of relational difficulty can also be caused by a custodial parent who is deliberately trying to alienate the child from the other parent. Sabotaging the relationship may be intended to hurt the former spouse, but the child can be traumatized in the process.

A parent who is having difficulty with the parenting plan because of the other party's failure to comply might need to discuss the matter with a family law attorney to see what options are available. If the situation has resulted because of a change in circumstances for one or both parents, a modification of the parenting plan might be recommended.

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