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The primary caregiver and determining child custody matters

When Tennessee parents who are going through a divorce are unable to reach agreements regarding child custody matters, the family court judges who make the determinations for them will begin by looking at who has been the child's primary caregiver. If it is unclear or if it appears that the parents have both served in that role, the court will then look at the best interests of the child when ruling on who should be awarded primary physical custody.

Speaking positively about the other parent during divorce

Most parents in Tennessee who divorce are concerned about how the separation will affect their children. Few may realize that there are some seemingly harmless ways in which they might undermine their child's healing from divorce. One of these ways is by calling the other parent an "ex." An "ex" is a person who belongs in the past, but a couple who has children together will be connected for life regardless of their feelings for one another.

How delinquent child support payments affect credit scores

People in Tennessee who must pay child support should also be aware that failing to do so could have a significant effect on their credit score in the same way that failing to pay a mortgage or credit card bill might. This may particularly be true if they pay child support through a state agency. The agency will report delinquent payments to credit reporting agencies. If the payments go directly to the other parent, credit reporting agencies will only find out if the other parent makes the report.

Some property settlement agreements not alimony

When some Tennessee couples divorce, they may enter into property settlement agreements. If the agreement contains a provision that one party will pay the other alimony, the support will not be dischargeable if the payor later files for bankruptcy. Not all obligations will count as alimony, however, and certain types of debts incurred by one to the other will be dischargeable.

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