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October 2016 Archives

Child support obligations and prisoners

The Obama administration is aiming to have regulations in place by January 2017 that will allow non-custodial parents who are incarcerated to request modifications to their child support amounts based on their actual income. While most states already allow this, Tennessee is one of 14 states that do not. Child support enforcement programs are operated at the state and not the federal level, but the federal government sets standards and offers states reimbursement for two-thirds of their expenses. States also receive incentive payments if they meet certain targets.

How parental seminars help those going through divorce

In Tennessee, it may be necessary for parents who going through a divorce to attend a parenting education seminar. This seminar is designed to help them get along with each other during the divorce process as well as how to act around their children during what may be a difficult time. In a contested divorce, the court must take into account whether or not a parent took the course when it comes to granting parenting time and other rights.

Resolving parenting conflicts after divorce

Many divorced parents in Tennessee run into constant conflicts with their exes. These conflicts may not be significant enough to take to court as a judge won't have much sympathy for a parent who goes to court to argue about petty differences. However, the relationship with the other parent may have deteriorated to the point where discussing the issue is also unsuccessful.

How to split the house in a divorce

A homeowner in Tennessee who is getting a divorce may be concerned about which spouse will be permitted to keep the house. There may be a number of different outcomes to such a situation. The judge might force the couple to sell the house and split the profits. In such a scenario, however, the split might not be equal. For example, if one spouse put more money into remodeling and upkeep, they may also receive a bigger share of the proceeds. If a couple can negotiate an agreement outside of court, they may be able to ensure a plan that's mutually beneficial.

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