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How parental seminars help those going through divorce

In Tennessee, it may be necessary for parents who going through a divorce to attend a parenting education seminar. This seminar is designed to help them get along with each other during the divorce process as well as how to act around their children during what may be a difficult time. In a contested divorce, the court must take into account whether or not a parent took the course when it comes to granting parenting time and other rights.

While the divorce may be finalized even if one or both parents don't take it, any parent who fails to do so could be held in contempt of court. A contempt charge could come with jail time if the judge deems it appropriate. Typically, a parent will be ordered to spend four hours of classroom time, and the cost is generally determined by whichever group is providing a specific class.

Parents are not required to take the same classes together, and children are not required to take any classes either. However, there are programs available for children who wish to take them. Those who cannot pay for the class may have the fees waived by the judge or have them included as court costs related to the divorce. Seminar providers may also charge based on a sliding scale.

Any parent who is going through a divorce may wish to consult with legal counsel. Doing so could help him or her determine how to obtain maximum parental rights after the divorce is finalized. An attorney may be able to explain further about how parental education courses can be valuable resources as they may help them look out for the best interests of the child. That is what the court will prioritize the most when resolving custody and other issues.

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