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December 2016 Archives

Tennessee prisoners may get better child support options

In December 2016, President Obama's outgoing administration published new child support rules created by the Administration for Children and Families. The guidelines, which originally dated back to 2014, are designed to minimize the amount of child support that prisoners have to pay while they are incarcerated. Lawmakers who are in favor of this concept hope that the change will stop states from saddling parents with large debts and reincarcerating them for their failure to pay after they serve their original sentences.

How divorced parents can keep holidays fun for kids

For divorced parents in Tennessee and their children, the holidays can be a difficult time. It is critical that parents stay focused on their children's needs by planning early. More specific plans are less likely to create confusion or be open to misinterpretation, so parents should spell out when the child will be at each household as well as at what time exchanging the child will occur.

When a parent moves after a divorce

Divorced Tennessee parents might plan to live near one another to make it easier for their children to move between two households. However, they may not anticipate that some situations may make them consider moving. For example, some might decide that they want to live closer to a new partner. While they may make an effort to move somewhere that is equidistant from both their child and their new partner, the new location might still be some distance from where the child lives.

Why child support is essential in Tennessee

More than one-third of children born today are born to parents who aren't married and end up being raised by one parent. This makes child support an important part of rearing the child. Children who are raised by one parent tend to be poor since single parents often only have one income to support a household, and that income tends to be lower due to these individuals normally having lower levels of education.

Former football player in trouble over back child support

Tennessee football fans may remember Robert Meachem for his days playing with the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers. The former NFL player is now in the spotlight for reportedly failing to pay roughly $400,000 in child support and alimony to his ex-wife. Meachem missed a court hearing on Nov. 28, and the judge overseeing the hearing said that the former wide receiver should be held in contempt of court.

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