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When a parent moves after a divorce

Divorced Tennessee parents might plan to live near one another to make it easier for their children to move between two households. However, they may not anticipate that some situations may make them consider moving. For example, some might decide that they want to live closer to a new partner. While they may make an effort to move somewhere that is equidistant from both their child and their new partner, the new location might still be some distance from where the child lives.

This can create a problem if the other parent feels they are unfairly burdened with a longer and more difficult commute. The situation can be further complicated if the new partner does not get along with the former spouse. The child may be caught between the two parents in a power struggle. Caught up in their emotions, the parents may not realize that their child is suffering.

Mediation may be one route to a solution. In this type of dispute resolution process, a trained neutral third party listens to both sides and attempts to help parents reach a compromise. The parent who has not moved might have to face the fact that the child may not have all of their activities nearby any longer. The child might even choose to live with the parent who has moved.

If there is a change in custody and support modifications are necessary, then parents with a formal legal agreement in place may need to return to court. However, for more minor disagreements, a legal solution is usually not appropriate and can be expensive and time-consuming. Children of parents who are able to negotiate their differences may adjust better to the divorce. One of the keys to this negotiation might be putting together an agreement during the divorce that creates guidelines for co-parenting as well as frameworks for conflict resolution.

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