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February 2017 Archives

Fathers who owe child support see their children less often

Noncustodial fathers in Tennessee and around the country tend to spend less time with their children when they fall behind on their child support payments, according to researchers from Cornell University and the nonprofit group Child Trends. About 30 percent of the noncustodial fathers they studied owed an average of $7,705 in back child support, and catching up could be difficult for them because the research also indicates that they work five fewer weeks each year than noncustodial fathers who are not behind on their payments.

The age of majority and back child support

Although laws regarding the collection of child support may vary across the country, both the states and the federal government consider the enforcement of child support orders to be a serious matter. Custodial parents who are finding it difficult to collect back child support in Tennessee or other jurisdictions for children who are nearing the age of majority may be interested in knowing that under certain circumstances, they may be entitled to receive payments until any accrued balance has been paid in full, even after the child has become emancipated.

Handling a marital home in a divorce case

Tennessee residents have four options when it comes to handling a marital home in a divorce. First, an individual may choose to buy out his or her spouse's interest in the home. Alternatively, they may allow their spouse to buy out their interest in the property. It may also be possible for each party to retain their interest in the home and continue to contribute to the mortgage and other costs.

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