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Dealing with custody after a parent dies

When a Tennessee custodial parent dies, determining where the child will live can be difficult. Although the first choice is often the other parent, there may be situations where another family member or close third party may seek to become the child's guardian. If there are no other alternatives, however, the child could become a ward of the state and end up in foster care.

Family court does not have jurisdiction over bankruptcy matters

The language that is used in property settlement agreements or orders in Tennessee is important, as a case in Georgia demonstrates. In that case, which was decided by a federal bankruptcy court, a family court's property division order was found to be invalid.

Advice for limiting stress on children during a divorce

Tennessee parents whose marriages are ending naturally feel concern for the well-being of their children, but they sometimes act in ways that threaten it. Researchers have determined that arguments and turmoil between feuding parents create negative and at times long-lasting feelings in the children. To limit this, each parent needs to commit to peaceful interactions in front of their kids.

How to choose where to file for a military divorce

Civilians living in Tennessee would generally file for divorce in that state. However, for an individual in the military, it may not be as easy to determine where to file for divorce. This is because that person and his or her spouse may have gotten married in a state where they don't currently live. Furthermore, they may not have lived in their current home state long enough to file there.

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