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Virtual visitation could improve parent-child relationships

When Tennessee custodial parents relocate for a job or a new relationship, it can be difficult for the non-custodial parents to have regular visits with their child. However, "virtual visitation" could potentially allow non-custodial parents additional contact with their child through various forms of technology, including video conferencing, email and instant messaging.

Only a few states have passed virtual visitation laws. Some family courts can still rule in favor of using technology to allow non-custodial parents to have more contact with their child. However, it should be noted that virtual visitation is not meant to replace traditional visits or in-person parenting time. Instead, they are meant to be a supplement that allows non-custodial parents to be more involved in their child's daily life.

There are many benefits to using virtual communication to enhance a non-custodial parent's relationship with the child. For example, virtual communication could allow the parent to help the child with homework or with a special project. Non-custodial parents may also get to share in the child's special moments as they happen, such as the loss of tooth or if the child wins a special award. The non-custodial parent may also be able to virtually attend recitals and sporting events that he or she may otherwise miss.

For children to thrive, it is important that both parents have the ability to foster and maintain a strong relationship with their children. However, this can be difficult if one parent needs to relocate. If relocation will prevent the non-custodial parent from getting the parenting time they have a right to, a family law attorney may request a modification to the child custody order so that the non-custodial parent can either have virtual access to the child or so the parenting schedule can be modified.

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