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Shared parenting may offer benefits for everyone

Tennessee parents who are ending their marriages will need to make decisions about the care of their young children. While some courts cling to antiquated custody and visitation ideas, viewing men as breadwinners and women as homemakers, more courts are turning towards shared physical custody as the model of choice following divorces.

Understanding the tax ramifications of alimony

Unfortunately, many Tennessee divorcees misunderstand the tax consequences of alimony payments versus child support payments. Child support is neither taxable income to the recipient nor a taxable deduction for the payor. However, alimony or maintenance is an income tax deduction for the paying party and considered taxable income for the receiving party.

DNA testing in child custody matters

When figuring out child custody matters, some Tennessee residents may be required to undergo DNA testing if questions about parentage exist. With very high accuracy rates, DNA testing can be used to secure child support from a father. A man who does not think he is a child's father could also use testing to relieve his support obligations.

Closing joint accounts during divorce

Tennessee residents who are going through divorce will eventually have to divide marital assets and close joint accounts. When closing a joint checking or savings account, one should first get permission from all the account holders. It should be noted, however, that one can close an account without the other spouse's permission.

The flaws inherent with child support calculators

If a Tennessee resident is going to use a child support calculator, he or she should understand that it is only an estimate. The calculator generally only incorporates basic information such as how much a parent makes each year in addition to taking other benefits into consideration. The calculator may also be flawed because it may be difficult for a parent to determine how much time is spent with a child.

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