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Putting children first makes divorce easier for parents

When parents in Tennessee decide to divorce, there is often a lot of anger that can disrupt communication. However, it's important for parents to figure out how to set aside anger in order to establish a meaningful dialogue regarding child custody arrangements. There are a number of ways to get past hurt feelings and focus on the children. Below are a few pointers.

TV star settles custody dispute

Tennessee parents going through a divorce often have one primary concern throughout the process, which is protecting their relationship with their children through a supportive child custody agreement. These problems and concerns are shared by celebrities and other well-known names going through a divorce.

How shared parenting is changing custody

Tennessee parents who are getting a divorce might be considering sharing custody of their children. Traditionally, mothers get custody of children, and fathers have visitation rights. This stems from a doctrine that governed child custody decisions for many years and assumed that mothers were better caregivers than fathers. Although replaced by the best interests of the child as the standard for determining child custody, many argue that courts remained biased against fathers since mothers still tend to get custody.

How divorce can impact the home sale process

A family home gets put on the market in 61 percent of divorces. Therefore, Tennessee residents who are ending their marriage may face the prospect of having to move at the same time. This can lead to a stressful sale process that may be full of emotion. However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the impact emotions may have on a sale.

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