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Visitation schedules

When Tennessee parents of young children end their marriage, child custody and visitation is often a primary concern. In most cases, parents want to want to maintain good relationships with their children. Court systems also recognize the importance of parental influence in their children's lives. Unless a parent is somehow deemed unfit due to behavioral issues, the courts will usually provide him or her with visitation time.

Parent-child relationships at risk from custodial interference

Parents in Tennessee may face some of the most difficult aspects of their divorce when dealing with the issue of child custody. In many cases, both parents want to fight hard for more time with their children. Eventually, the custody issue should be resolved with a formal agreement and court order, but unfortunately, some parents refuse to accept the outcome of the child custody decision. These parents might repeatedly attempt to undermine the relationship with the other parent and keep their child away, breaking the parent-child bond over time. This is often referred to as custodial interference, and it can rise to the level of a criminal matter.

Common child custody issues in Tennessee

There are many issues that come into play during a child custody proceeding. For instance, a judge may need to take a look at whether a parent is physically or mentally abusive toward a child. Ideally, a parent will stay in one geographical area to provide a stable environment for a son or daughter. Parents should also have a job or steady source of income if they are seeking custody.

How to get a parent to pay child support

When two parents are not raising a child together, whether because of a breakup or because they were never in a relationship, the noncustodial parent may be required to pay child support to the custodial parent. The underlying idea behind child support is that parents have an obligation to support their biological children.

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